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Helping Retailers Develop Cost-Based Pricing Solutions

Every retailer faces the same conundrum: Accepting credit cards is a convenience for the customer and encourages sales – especially on an impulse. However, you have to pay fees and charges, and there may be a delay until you get your money – which can hamper your ability to replenish inventory or pay for staff and marketing to generate more sales.

On top of that, retailers are always facing the peer pressure of price competition, and we’ve seen many price their goods too low because they have been unable to effectively analyze all of the factors contributing to their cost. They see margins shrinking but think they can’t charge more. As a result, many of these companies feel they’re always behind the 8-ball.

Capital Concepts USA is a payments consultancy that can help retailers break those shackles. We bring sophisticated analysis tools to harried businesses to help them see clear snapshots of what’s happening in the context of the big picture.

We start by looking at each business’ operations, including procedures and technology, their balance sheet and other financial statements. Our goal is to establish the true cost of each good that’s sold and help determine a margin that makes sense for the retailer.

Then, we look at appropriate financial solutions, such as more efficient use of electronic funds transfer (EFT), technology and other service providers to find ways to get money from sales into bank accounts faster.

We can combine those steps with more sophisticated back-end technology. Many small retailers, for example, have Point-of-Sale (POS) and inventory control systems that don’t talk to each other. Often those applications don’t integrate with the accounting systems, either! This lack of communication can slow down business because it takes time to coordinate sales and inventory manually – as well as to enter data to account for sales properly. As a side issue, this lack of communication can open a window for employee theft or fraud – costing the retailer money.

But the biggest advantage of having smart, communicative POS, accounting and inventory systems is that they can help you take advantage of better EFT programs to get paid faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

By identifying the costs and benefits of better operating procedures and technologies – and the true cost of accepting credit cards vs. the cost of taking in checks and depositing checks and cash – we can help retailers set a price for each good and service sold based on the actual cost of providing it. Even if retailers believe they need to cut prices to be competitive, they can clearly understand the impact of their decisions on their bottom line.

We also help businesses find better financial services providers and alternative sources of capital, such as asset-based lenders. Our goal is to help capitalize on sales to cycle money faster and increase business.

We have done the research and due diligence on scores of vendors, and we will recommend those who provide both the level of service you require and customer service that will make you feel confident in your business relationship – and who can assist you on your path to growth. And, we deliver our services as a fixed-price engagement.

Talk to us about making your cash flow faster and stronger. Collecting payments faster and more cost-effectively can be the foundation of a bigger, more satisfying business.

It’s your money…It’s your profit.