Capital Concepts

A Fresh Approach From an Experienced Problem-Solver

Capital Concepts is the latest creation of Lorne A. Greenfield. A versatile, analytical and results-oriented CEO with 30+ years of experience in corporate direction and management, he conceives the vision and strategy for companies in a variety of financial-service niche verticals.

In addition to providing leadership and direction for more than 20 start-up companies of his own, Lorne’s resume includes developing and implementing successful core strategy and tactical plans for companies with assets and/or revenues of greater than $300 million and assembling, leading and motivating high-performance teams of 2,500 and more.

Lorne’s passion is serving small to midsize businesses as an advocate. He is knowledgeable in the multitude of potential financial solutions and able to provide the best possible applications for each business’ specific circumstances.

For the past 20 years, Lorne focused on ensuring companies experience the growth they desire. He has assisted businesses of all sizes from Mom & Pop retailers to public companies to secure the right types of funds to grow their businesses, at the best rates and terms. Yet with his extensive financial and strategic business background, he saw the need for businesses to sharpen their focus on making money on each transaction. It’s distinct from performing a periodic compilation or audit of a Profit & Loss statement to see if a company is profitable; it’s an emphasis on doing the little things that prevent costly mistakes, yet at the same time allow a business to scale rapidly.

By getting back to basic analytics, Lorne knows companies can reconstruct and strengthen their balance sheets through simple adjustments.

A native of Montreal, Lorne holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University. A professed “rabid” hockey fan, he applies to business the leadership skills he developed as a player for three decades and a lifetime student of the game.