Capital Concepts USA – We’re All About Getting Your Payments

Billings are great, but getting the payments into your bank account and putting your money to work effectively is the bottom line.

Capital Concepts USA LLC is a payments consultancy dedicated to helping you get paid faster. We also implement procedures to improve your cash flow, profitability and efficiency while reducing your operating and administrative costs.

How do we do it? We go back to the basics. We focus on tactics to unlock cash from your financial statements and springboard your business to its next level of growth. Always mindful of the “big picture,” we consult with your financial management team and other trusted financial advisors to analyze:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Payment Modes
  • Payment-Mode Costs
  • Financial Metrics
  • Cash Flow Enablers
  • Business Credit Capacity

Once we identify ways to get you paid faster, we recommend the most suitable tools ‒ best-in-breed financial-service products ‒ to meet your business’ needs. The tools may include a more effective way of transferring funds to you electronically. They may include installing technology to automate the receipt of funds more efficiently. Or, they may include specialty bank services and lending products that give you access to money to build sales faster.

We have done the research and due diligence on scores of vendors, and we will recommend those who provide both the level of service you require and customer service that will make you feel confident in your business relationship – and who can assist you on your path to growth. Tactically focused, we look at each solution with an eye on the big picture. And, we see your program through to the production of actual results ‒ not theoretical estimates ‒ to help you achieve your expected financial outcomes.

Capital Concepts USA works in the B2B, B2G and B2C business arenas, where we have successfully served clients in manufacturing, distribution and service, retail and government sales. We have also met the special needs of industries such as construction and healthcare.

As consultants, we deliver:

  • Fixed-Price Engagements
  • Solutions Deployment and Implementation
  • Benchmarking and Tracking of Results

If you’re not seeing the cash flow and capital expansion you expect from your business, contact us.

It’s your money…It’s your profilt.