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Capital Concepts is a team of experienced financial consultants that implements procedures to improve your cash flow, profitability and efficiency while reducing your operating and administrative costs. Our goal is to lay a financial foundation for growth and success.

The Capital Concepts Difference

We start at the foundation, focusing on developing the correct finance strategy before deciding which tactics will springboard your business to its next level of growth. Always mindful of the “big picture,” we consult with your management team and other trusted financial advisors to analyze six main pain points:



Finance Department Inefficiency

Banking Relationships

Exit Planning

Plateaus & Ceilings

Every business is different. Capital Concepts defines strategies, identifies roadblocks, recommends tactics and tools, and implements solutions to attain your unique business goals and achieve business growth. Capital Concepts sees your program through to the production of actual results ‒ not theoretical estimates ‒ to achieve your company’s desired financial outcomes.
Title of the article "The Benefits of Planning for Life Outside of Work" with an image showing beach chairs and an umbrella overlooking the ocean

The Benefits of Planning for Life Outside of Work 

We’ve written previously about how important it is to identify what you do in a typical day in your business. You also need to think critically about what you need to do and what others can take on for you. Today, we want you to do something very...
Title graphic for article "The Formula for an Effective Exit Plan"

The Formula for an Effective Exit Plan 

Ask a business owner over the age of 50 when they plan to transition or exit their business, and you’ll get one of two answers:   a blank stare, or   “I’ll work another 5-10 years and call it quits.”(If you ask this person again...
City skyline with a bar chart overlaid with the words "Determining What a Business Is Worth" the title of the post "Determining the Value of a Business"

Determining the Value of a Business

One of the most common miscalculations owners of businesses make is estimating the value of their business. It's difficult to be objective about something you've invested so much of yourself into. That's why prospective buyers, banks, and investors...
preparing to get a strong business valuation

How To Prepare for a Strong Business Valuation 

You’ve been reading our series and have decided to do some exit planning. Check.   You have audited your time, started planning for your free time, and have an idea how much money you’ll need for the next chapter. Check. Now it’s time to...
title graphic with the words "What To Do If Your Business's Valuation Is Too Low"

What To Do If Your Business’s Valuation Is Too Low

Business owners tend to overestimate the value of their business, which can mean an unpleasant surprise when a valuation expert delivers their assessment. This can be a painful experience, but it’s necessary to define exactly where you are today...
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How To Avoid the Biggest Valuation Mistake Made by Business Owners 

You’ve been working on the sale of your business for months now. It’s finally closing day, and you enter the conference room with anticipation. All the work, not just to complete this sale but to build a business someone else actually wants to buy,...

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Capital Concepts USA clients receive:

Fixed-Price Engagements

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Benchmarking and Tracking of Results

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