Leveraging Finance Strategy
to Grow Your Business

Capital Concepts implements procedures to improve your cash flow, profitability and efficiency while reducing your operating and administrative costs.

The Capital Concepts Difference

How does Capital Concepts compare to a fractional CFO?

We are significantly more “hands on” than a typical fractional CFO.

We engage with our clients in long-term relationships for a fixed, flat fee for unlimited support and provide a much higher level of ongoing consultation and guidance than a typical outsourced CFO.

We have a very different business / revenue model than a typical outsourced CFO.

We are generally roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of obtaining “strategic CFO services” through other means.

We cultivate and maintain deep expertise and numerous relationships in several areas that a typical CFO does not.

Companies and Verticals

The Capital Concepts team has vast amounts of experience with companies operating in the business to business, business to consumer, and business to government markets.

Serving clients in a variety of verticals including manufacturing, distribution and service, retail and government sales, technology, construction and healthcare, there is no challenge that Capital Concepts can’t handle.

Our Goal

While we have expertise and knowledge on every facet of business finance, the goal of Capital Concepts is to identify, treat, and cure six major pain points.



Finance Department Inefficiency

Banking Relationships

Exit Planning

Plateaus & Ceilings

Our Solutions

Our job is to make the job of business owners easier by allowing them to take control of their finances. Capital Concepts provides four types of services aimed at combating the major pain points.


We assist, teach and advise our clients around such things as pricing models, management controls, financial modeling, financial statements preparation, using financial metrics to ensure success.


We advise on and provide access to specialized lending solutions and work with the business owners to prepare the documentation and presentation necessary to obtain and appropriately manage use of the funds and credit facilities.


We advise and provide access to technology solutions that make the process of receiving and accounting for funds more efficient and secure; e.g. accounting, inventory control and manufacturing process systems.

Banking and Merchant Services

We provide access to a myriad of customized solutions related to payments and electronic funds processing.

Watch Your Business Grow

The goal has always been growth. Capital Concepts uses a mixture of proven expertise combined with sophisticated back-end technology to improve financial hurdles that slow down business. Our team improves overall efficiency and better protects your company against future pitfalls that plague progress.

Utilizing unique solutions and deploying crafted tactics to fit the individual challenges of your business, Capital Concepts ensures that you achieve your business growth goals regardless of scope or scale.